Audience Sheet - Narrative (Writing about a Personal Sports Experience)

Write out a minimum of three-to-four-sentence responses to each question. Be sure to explain how your thoughts will affect decisions you will make as you write your narrative.  Sentences should be specific and grammatically correct.  The audience sheet is worth 10pts.

Cut and paste the publication information and the questions (below) into a Word doc and then draft responses to questions.  You do not need to copy the directions.


Imagine you are writing your narrative for a publication called the UWSP Student Writers Magazine. This publication accepts essays, fiction and nonfiction, from all UWSP students and focuses on all topics. The essays are not research based. Although students from all majors contribute submissions, a large number of English majors submit essays. Also, juniors and seniors tend to contribute more often than freshmen and sophomores.

In addition to students, faculty, staff, administrators, and members of the Stevens Point community read this magazine.

Write out responses to the following questions.

  1. Given your audience, what will be the different expectations of readers? For example, will students read your essay the same way that faculty will? Will freshmen read your essay the same way that seniors will?
  2. How will your readers react to an essay about a sports experience? Will readers have preconceptions about sports? About the specific sport you are writing about? How will these preconceptions affect your essay?
  3. What do you want readers to learn, understand, or feel after reading your essay? (The answer to this question is your thesis.)
  4. What tone will you use? What Point of View?  What style? (Formal? Colloquial? Humorous? Serious? Some Combination? Vocabulary?) Consider the publication (above) and your readers.