Audience Analysis Sheet for the Argumentative Research Paper

Copy and paste into a Word document. Be sure responses are complete, meaningful, and well written.


Give the name of a publication in which you imagine your essay could be published. This can be an actual publication or a publication you invent. If you choose an actual publication, be sure your essay is appropriate for the publication. In addition to the publication's name, describe its philosophy, contents, and writing style.

  1. Name two occupations of your primary readers (e.g., parents of college students, high school teacher). Will your primary readers, for the most part, agree with your position/solution or disagree with it? What values do you imagine they hold that would make them agree or disagree with your position? Does it matter whether or not your primary readers are male or female?
  2. What will your primary readers know about your issue? How much background info./types of info. will you need to include in your essay?
  3. This applies to your pro or supporting points/arguments only: What evidence that you will include in your essay is the most convincing for your primary readers? Least convincing? Explain why. How will you organize your essay? (See website page on organizing arguments.)
  4. What would you like your readers to learn from your essay, aside from adopting your position? Why is your issue worth writing about?