Office: 425 CCC
Office Hours Fall 2017: M 2:30-3:30; T 2-4 ; W 2:30-3:30 (in the library, reference area); TH 10-11

Office Hrs are in my office--except for Wed, see above

Note: You do not need to make an appt for posted office hours. You can make an appt to see me outside of posted office hours.

No Office Hrs 11/22, Wed.


This website offers students information that will help them prepare for class discussions, assignments, and exams. The "Course Notes" and "Resources" menus should be consulted on a regular basis along with your syllabus (reading schedule and course policies).  If you decide to print a copy of the syllabus, be sure to check the online syllbus daily/weekly.

For those interested in nineteenth-century British literature, the Resources menu offers links to helpful Romantic and Victorian websites.

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