A Renaissance Timeline




Religious & Political Events

Science, Letters, and Exploration



1453: Gutenburg prints first book


1474: Caxton prints first English book

1485: Henry VII, first Tudor monarch




1492: Columbus

1509: Henry VIII




1517: Lutheran Reformation





1525: Tyndale publishes English New Testment


1533: break with Rome


1534: Act of Supremacy


1535: Thomas More executed


1536: Dissolution of the monasteries; Anne Boleyn executed


1545: Council of Trent



1513: Machiavelli’s The Prince


1519: Cortez invades Mexico; Magellan begins voyage


1520s: Copernicus


1528: Castiglione’s The Courtier




1547: Edward VI—very Protestant


1549: Act of Uniformity, Book of Common Prayer


1553: Mary I—very Catholic


1554: England returns to papal allegiance


1558: Elizabeth I—



1559: Acts of Supremacy and Uniformity


1568: Mary Queen of Scots deposed


1569: Attempt to depose Elizabeth


1570: Elizabeth excommunicated


1572: St. Batholomew’s Day massacre


1587: Mary Queen of Scots executed


1588: Defeat of Spanish Armada












1580: Drake circumnavigates globe


1587: Raleigh’s Lost Colony

1603: James I, first Stuart monarch


William Harvey discovers circulation of blood