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Picture (131x78, 7Kb)Issues in Writing is a semiannual, refereed journal devoted to the study of writing in science and technology, government, education, business and industry, the arts and humanities, and the professions. The journal seeks:


  • To provide insights for teachers in all disciplines who must prepare students to write effectively in their fields;

  • To encourage discussion of writing in ways that cut across disciplines, definitions, and traditional boundaries;

  • To publish contributions by all members of the writing community, including those professionals who work in non-academic situations.

We have two general audiences. The one is teachers and other academics concerned with the teaching of writing. The second is a broad audience of professionals, scientists, government employees, institutional staff members, and others involved in public life to whom writing is of significant concern.  These professionals write as part of their work; many train other employees to write for a variety of audiences and purposes.  Our audience then is a cross section of professionals. 


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