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Unique personality test - The simple, yet very colorful and interesting, personality test supposedly developed by the author Ulla Zang.


Comment: The Zang test was a nice little personality test that over the years sparked considerable discussion among my students. However, there is an old saying - No good deed goes unpunished. While a gazillion folks all over the globe have naively posted links to what they thought was an innocent personality quiz, the original Ulla Zang site hosted by the authored was silently sold to a pretty heavy duty porno site. The person now housing the test apparently has Zang's permission to post.


Color preference test - Click here to download and try another personality test based on colors. Paper variations of this test have been around for over 35 years, and I am sorry to say the original authorship for this animated one is not known.


There are other similar color tests on the Web attributed to Dr. Max Lasher, a European psychologist and color expert. However, although these appear to be the same test, posted interpretations seem more about diagnosis of momentary psychological problems and are a bit negative, than about general personality indicators.

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