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A webquest is rather like an on-line scavenger hunt, or a problem-solving adventure. It is inquiry- based learning combined with techno-literacy/proficiency and geared toward specific educational intentions. Quests may be subject specific, or subject integrated inquires. They can be used in a number of ways and may take on many forms - literature reviews, research, personal or directed investigations, problem-solving exercises, fact and/or information finding expeditions. Quests can be arranged so that they are tightly controlled by the teacher whereby students are provided with specific previewed links. Or, quests can be more loosely arranged so that learners have to glean information from an array of on-line resources, or from sources found by the learners through personal investigations. They can also be simple scenario problems posted on-line.

Grouping configurations can vary so that students can be assigned to work singly, as pairs, triads, or in small or even in larger groups where each member works on a chosen or assigned task. Or, students may be allowed to choose their own  working configurations. There are some excellent examples and collections of webquest learning available. If you choose to use these resources, please remember to give credit to the original sources. Links to more information and resources.  A special thanks to my graduate assistant, Kim R. Moore, for finding and describing many of the following sites.

Picture (191x172, 2.3Kb)General E-Links for Sample Webquest sites:

Picture (23x23, 371 bytes) THE webquest page! This site was inspired by Bernie Dodge and Tom March who developed a webquest model in 1995.  A very valuable resource for those involved in the education field.  It includes events, articles, and materials on webquests. Second link has the suggested formats.


Picture (23x23, 371 bytes) Excellent overview from Bernie Dodge of San Diego State that includes origins, intentions and overviews.


Picture (23x23, 371 bytes) Templates for WebQuests a la Dodge and March


Picture (23x23, 371 bytes) Great collection of quests from San Diego State


Picture (23x23, 371 bytes) Another teacher centered webquest homepage that lists some sample webquests.


Picture (23x23, 371 bytes) From Quickbase/Intuit


Picture (23x23, 371 bytes) Webquest pages of Paul Froom from D.C. Everest, WI - excellent examples of what an inventive teacher can do. 


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Webquests within my site:

Please ask for permission to use any of these materials are they are copyrighted.

Picture (23x23, 371 bytes) Brainquest - Quest related to ED 790 - Brain-based teaching and learning

Picture (23x23, 371 bytes) Introductory Brainquest for ED 381 students

Picture (23x23, 371 bytes) ED 703 - Quests related to ED 703 - Newer views of learning - see bottom of the page for links

Picture (23x23, 371 bytes) ED 783 - Quests related to ED 783 - The reflective teacher

Picture (23x23, 371 bytes) ED 726 - Quests related to ED 726 - Models of teaching and learning These are closed to those users outside my university.

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