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The following links supported my courses ED 703 & ED 381 

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Please note that it is important to remember that the Internet is not a permanent medium. Frequently sites don't remain active, they move, or have trouble with all of that electronic gear that not many of us understand, or like our own ends, they just disappear into the cosmic ethers. So, if you find material that appeals to you, create a hard copy in the event it is not there tomorrow.

For my links, if you try to reach a site listed herein and get an error message or a "page not found message," try again later and REMEMBER TO REFRESH YOUR SCREEN! If the site repeatedly fails to appear, please contact me and let me know via my e-mail link below so that I can remove it from my list. I know how terribly frustrating it is to click on a hyperlink and get a "page not found" message. Also, if you find an interesting or informative site related to my topic headings --  one not already part of my lists, please let me know the address so I can add it.  Thanks!

The Web is such a fantastic treasure trove of information. Hopefully, the sites selected here represent good examples of information and connections available. 

Have fun browsing and many blessings!  Leslie


General Links in Intelligence

AllLearn - Alliance for lifelong learning -  Intelligence and creative ability - An impressive array of links to information on both creativity and the definition and development of intelligence.

General overview of intelligence theories - Excellent concise overview of modern views of intelligence from Valdosta. 

Clemenson's Styles Link - A great page to start your quest on how individuals are different as it contains a series of links on MI, and learning styles, etc..

History of Intelligence Overview from Indiana University - Wonderful chart plotting the development of definitions of human intelligence. 

Howard Gardner - Multiple Intelligences

Engaging students in MI - Some good suggestions

Roger Hampton's Pages - Lots of links to sites with tests and such and to lesson plans using MI

MI Pages for Adults - Touted to be the "best" sites to learn about MI for adult learners.

Thomas Armstrong's Homepage - Site of popular author of books on MI and other educational issues.

General Multiple Intelligence Descriptions - Gardner's first seven intelligences defined.

Naturalistic Intelligence - Gardner has proposed that intelligence #8 be that of "naturalistic intelligence." Here is a description of naturalistic intelligence and how that intelligence might be manifest in children.

Existential Intelligence - Although not fully endorsed or described by Gardner, here is  discussion of the possibilities and ramifications of this type of intelligence

Howard Gardner's Homepage at Project Zero - And another at

Wilson's Theories of Learning Pages - Links to a series of pages on MI definitions and resources 

MI at Thirteen ED - Great link with interactive materials and video clips plus lots of information 

MI Links - Lots of related links on MI

The FLOW Experience

Often when folks are working in an intelligence they are comfortable in, or working on a task or activity where they excel or that they love to do they experience a state of mind named "flow" or the psychology of optimal  -- Here are some sites that explain

FLOW Experience - From Wikipedia a discussions on the "flow" experience, a concept developed and described by author/scholar, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi and to related MI links and discussions.

Also on FLOW from Edutopia  - Explanation and overview from the the author, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. 

Entering a stated of FLOW  - From my pages

A schematic of the FLOW experience - From my pages 

MI Assessments

Many of these assessments are very similar.  Generally these types of inventories depend on the quality of the self-reporting for accuracy, or on the accuracy of the observations of parents or teachers.  At present there is no definitive paper and pencil test that accurately assesses all 8 intelligences.  However, varied intelligences can be assessed using sub-tests of different types of performance tests -- for instance, some intelligence tests have block assembly, or paper and pencil object rotation portions that could be used to assess spatial intelligence.  

DynoWomyn MI Inventory -- This site has a series of MI self-inventory questions that can be use by students, however, the rest of this site is female focused and deals with spiritual issues.

Surfaquarium on MI  - Many useful pages on MI and a number of valuable links to include and excellent on-line inventory (see below) 

MI inventory created by Walter McKenzie.

Wilson's Indicators  - A simple series of indicators, plus a discussion  of existential intelligence

Who has what intelligence? See if you can ID these intelligences. 

Diana Bohmer's MI Survey for Kids -  A simple series of questions for kids

EDUTOPIA's online MI assessment - An automatically scored assessment offering takers % scores 

Daniel Goleman - Emotional Intelligence

Edutopia has lots of pages devoted to EQ topics:

Emotional intelligence is the missing piece

Overview on EQ - Video Clip

Daniel Goleman gives highlights

Emotional Intelligence, etc. - Practical information on Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Emotional Intelligence - Site with links to other pages, articles, and book reviews related to EQ.

Jack Mayer's EQ site - Comprehensive site devoted to EQ definitions and materials

The Nueva School - Nueva is a private school outside of San Francisco that has a nationally recognized curriculum in the study of "self-science" --  an area related to the development of EQ. - An entire site devoted to EQ, more like an EQ building.  Deals with all aspects of promoting EQ

The Responsive Classroom - Newly emerging popular training for teachers on how to create and maintain civility and respect in a classroom setting. My students praise the program despite the expense of the training!

Robert Sternberg - Successful Intelligence

Bottom Line - An overview of Sternberg's work

Overview - A brief overview of Sternberg's work and triarchic intelligence

Psi Cafe - Overview of the work of Sternberg

Skeptic Interview with Robert Sternberg - An interview with Sternberg from Skeptic Magazine.

Sternberg overview - Here is terrific of summary on Sternberg's work. A great place to start understanding the complexities of his theory.

Valdosta overview - This is an excellent general summary of a number of theories explaining human intelligence. Please scroll to see the portion on Sternberg's work as it is nicely done.  These pages also include material on Gardner.  

Spiritual Intelligence

Mindwise - Definitions of spiritual intelligence and on-line assessment


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