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Best picks for holistic education, Waldorf education, & Future studies

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Holistic education - Educating the whole child - mind, body, spirit and social consciousness

Definitions and more - Another good overview of the distinguishing aspects of holistic education.

Holistic Education Network - Membership information and overview of this international organizations mission   

Key Concepts and much more - Many concepts explained, to include a great delineated chart that offers a concise overview.

Paths of learning resources on holistic education - Excellent overview with links.

What is Holistic Education? - On-line article explaining what differentiates holistic education by Ron Miller.

Waldorf Education and Rudolf Steiner - Education for the heart, hand and head

Waldorf Education - Provides descriptions of Waldorf Education

All about Steiner - Wikipedia provides a nice overview of Steiner and his life and highlights of his work

Future Studies

The Future Studies Students' Association - Many links, plus portions of Out of the Box, a magazine dedicated to issues of future studies -- has links.

Introduction to Future Studies Home Page - A comprehensive site with a number of links and discussions on the importance of future studies.

World Future Society Home Page - Main page for the World Future Society.  Information about predictions and membership.


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