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Best picks for general browsing for Educators:

The following links have broad appeal for educators and those looking for resources in the areas like grants, standards, rubrics, lesson banks, as well as unusual general sites for educators and cyber buildings devoted to numerous educational topics. 

If you try to reach a site that has been hyperlinked and get an error message or a "page not found message," try again later. If the site still fails to appear after repeated tries, please contact me and let me know via my e-mail link so that I can remove it from my list. I know how terribly frustrating it is to click on a hyperlink and get a "page not found" message. Also, if you find an interesting or informative site related to my topic headings -- one not already part of my lists, please let me know the address so I can add it.  Thanks!

Have fun browsing and many blessings!  Leslie

16 Ways to be a smarter teacher - Article by Chuck Salter at Fast Company, a good place for any teachers to start analyzing if they have the right stuff.

All kinds of minds - A non-profit institute for learning based on the ideas and beliefs of Dr. Mel Levine.

Answers.com Teacher Tools pages -- Nice array of materials for teachers. 

Copyright Laws - General information from National Paralegal on copyright, patents and trademarks.

Copyright Laws for Teachers - Excellent site with lots of hints and overviews as to how to interpret copyright laws

Education World - An extremely comprehensive site for today's educators. It has gobs (and I mean gobs) of good stuff , to include some excellent articles, lesson plans ideas, articles about current issues in education, reproducible templates for teachers, financial advice for teachers, and much more.  An outstanding resource!

Funderstanding - An extremely comprehensive site with links to many topics and newer educational trends.

George Lucas and Edutopia - This site is maintained by helpers of the one and only Mr. Star Wars, George Lucas. Nice array of educationally related materials and links -- to include an on-line periodical -- Edutopia. This publication deals with educational issues, and especially those which relate to educational technology. Nice example of private citizen initiative in areas of educational reform.

Great Ideas from Local Educators - Lesson plans and many other items from Wisconsin teachers.

Guidelines for learning from the University of New South Wales - Exceptional resources from folks from Down Under. Wonderful links too!

The Lexicon of Learning - Pages from ASCD so that non-educators can master all the jargon associated with education.

New Horizons for Learning - An interesting and very comprehensive site that includes numerous links, articles and books devoted to current topics of interest in education. Has many materials related to Multiple Intelligences.

New York Times Learning Network -  Exceptional cites with many suggestions to include many innovative lesson plans.

PBS for Kids - Series of links for kids, teachers and parents. Wonderful array of shows with guides, challenges, and activities  -- so great it makes one want to be a kid again! Check out Fetch! with Ruff Ruffman

Rubrics galore - This site is an absolute must for today's educators. Here is help in creating grading rubrics. 

Scholastic Publishing's WebPages - Full of great ideas for teachers, parents and kids to include assorted lesson plans.

Southeastern Educational Development Library - Database on current educational trends designed to be understood and helpful to parents and teachers. 

Surfaquarium - Wild site on teaching innovations.  You may want to skip the introduction.  Despite first impressions, the site has many wonderful links for inquisitive educators looking for information especially in the area of Multiple Intelligences. 

Teacher Tap - Starters for helping teachers -- some nice resources 

Teaching Tolerance - The hypertext link will take you to a wonderful page on the power of words, but please take a moment to explore all of the resources of this site. TT is a subsidiary of the Southern Poverty Law group and geared to those educators interested in celebrating and guarding peaceful interactions between different groups of people in the US. Many of their materials are free to teachers.

Teachers without borders - An international organization helping teachers in many underdeveloped countries learn about what is best practice in education by creating partnerships within and without to strengthen educational initiatives.

Thirteen ED - Lots of great materials -- lesson plans, articles, video clips, links, bibliographies and much more.

Timesavers for teachers -- Anything and everything you could want to help you with planning! Teachers love this site.

Tired teacher website - A series of links to wonderful classroom resources

State Departments of Education - The following addresses are Internet links to sites containing listings for state departments of education throughout the United States. Warning! State Departments are always changing their URLs, and the sites below depend on individuals to maintain separate links. If you are looking for a particular state, it may be easier to go into Google and simply type in " - - - state department of education" to find the most recent listing.

Grants, grants and more grants - granting advice and agencies for educators - go for it.

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