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Creative Thinking and Living

"Niente Senza Gioia" (nothing without joy)

Of all my pages and parts of this website, the biggest surprise was the traffic I have received in the creativity section. Everyone has a story, a question, a comment, and yet this is a sorely neglected area in schools, in our children's training and education. Why is that?

I already know, so I will let you ask yourselves the same question, and then ask teachers, school administrators, and politicians. Ask the same questions to business leaders and watch them pull their hair and frown. For while business leaders worldwide are clamoring for creative minds and hearts, schools are trying to stamp creativity out -- "so very messy. you know." Conformity, creativity -- is there really a choice? What is education really for?

If you try to reach a site that has been hyperlinked and get an error message or a "page not found message," try again later. If the site still fails to appear after repeated tries, please contact me and let me know via my e-mail link so that I can remove it from my list. I know how terribly frustrating it is to click on a hyperlink and get a "page not found" message. Also, if you find an interesting or informative site related to my topic headings --  one not already part of my lists, please let me know the address so I can add it.  Thanks!

Have fun browsing and many blessings!  Leslie

Other sites on creativity

BellaOnline - The voice of women - This site is quiet comprehensive and has a internal sections, each with an array of topics within a heading. This is the link to the creativity portion. Enjoy the exploration.   

Born to Explore - about the relationship between ADD, ADHD, creativity and personality type. Many new insights into ADD and creativity.

Creativity for Life - A site dedicated to creativity with a list serve option and full of special articles in

Creative Thinking - List of good suggestions for creative thinking.

Creativity Magazine - A new on-line magazine about creativity, wonderful material.

Creativity and Madness - From the Harvard Gazette and the studies of Shelley Carson.

CreativeMinds.org - Lot of links with rated sites - nice array

Creative Problem Solving Group

Creative Teaching - A collection of links, sayings, opinions, essays, and activities for maintaining a creative edge to teaching and learning -- fun site.

Creativity Workshop - Valuable resources on creativity

Fostering Academic Creativity in Gifted Students - An article from ERIC by Torrance and Goff on fostering creativity in children.

Leslie's Pages on Creativity - An extensive series of links on many topics on creativity

Leslie's Pages Caring for the Muse - Techniques on keeping creativity alive and well

Mycoted - Commercial site about creativity and problem solving.

Rocamora SchoolSite on giftedness - Includes a self-inventory and includes many interesting links.

Suite 101.com - A wonderful array of articles on just about anything -- there are numerous articles on using differents types of materials in art, like bleach. 

The Top 10 Keys To Developing Personal Creativity - This short piece was originally submitted by Ken Coleman, B.A., B.F.A., M.F.A., Educational Administrator, trainer/teacher, who can be reached at It contains some useful contextual clues for considering creative behavior.

Creativity in the classroom - Sites for teachers

Creativity in the classroom - National Association of Music Education copyright information for registering creative works.

Creativity in the classroom from Performance Learning Systems -- a subscription service for teachers

Women and Creativity

Tests of Creativity


The Flow State and Creativity

Ideas, Solving Problems, and Creativity in the Real World and in Business

Understanding and Developing and Creativity in Children


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