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Personality and learning Styles Materials


Drs. Bill and Lynn Kirby have recently retired from UW-SP's School of Education and have very generously allowed me to copy and adapt their materials on learning and personality styles so that these valuable resources remain active. Thank you Bill and Lynn.

Bill Kirby's MBTI Matrix

An Interpretation of Collected Myers Briggs Typology Data

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  • Please Understand Me II by Keirsey
  • Type Talk by Kroeger and Thuesen
  • Type Talk at Work by Kroeger and Thuesen
  • Gifts Differing by Myers-Briggs, I.
  • People types and tiger stripes by Lawerence, G
  • Understanding yourself and others: An introduction to temperament by Berens, L.V.
  • Dynamics of personality type: Understanding and applying Jung's cognitive processes by Berens, L.V.
adapted from the materials of William H. Kirby, original copyright, 1997
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