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An Immersion experience – Testing, testing and more testing

The following series of tests are meant to be fun – well, maybe more self-revealing than just plain fun. After you have taken the test, please pick one or two you feel reasonably or somewhat accurate and use it’s descriptors to create a clever way to introduce yourself in class tomorrow.

The test links below are all self report tests. Please remember that as you take these tests, they may be only as accurate as you are honest in your answering the questions they pose. Answer from the gut, and do not overanalyze the questions.

After you have completed the following, rate them according to their accuracy on your rating record sheet.


5 dead on

4  largely accurate;

3 some accuracy, but also some inaccuracies,

2 many inaccuracies, only a few grains of truth,

1 Who are they talking about here anyway? Surely not Me!

Additional test can be found on my links webpages, please explore these and make a recommendation to your peers on another type of test. If you decide to use some of these with your students, please make sure they are age and developmentally appropriate.

Extension: Over the next two weeks, give the tests to family and/or friends and discuss your answers,

 Just for fun: You may wish to go back into the sites and retake the tests and answer directly opposite your answers reading the descriptions of those folks who have preferences directly opposite yours.

Assigned Tests: If they are working properly, all of the following are self-scoring. Please use your scoring sheet to record and respond to your results.

Archetypes - Explore this page and see if any of the archetypes conforms to your idea of who you really are.

Keirsey Temperament Sorter - Take the on-line version of the Keirsey Test – The battery in your book Please understand me will be give you more detail and also allow you to see the frequencies of your answers. When you complete the full battery in your book, please compare you designations, or if you didn't buy PUM then take the online version to see what happens.

Kingdomality - Who are you in the kingdom? When you take the hard copy of the archetype test, see any similarities?

VARK modality preference test - What sensory modalities do you prefer?

ILS test – A learning styles inventory.

PLSI - A nice site and a great test -- take it in accordance to the directions and restrictions.