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General Instructions: The Spring of 2013 is the last time I will be grading graduate exams for those students who have taken this course from me. I do not know what the new exam policies will be as I am now fully retired. Past the spring semester, please contact the SOE graduate office at 346-4403.

For those of you taking exam questions from me, answer ONLY ONE of the following questions. As you answer your question, please make sure you provide concrete examples and some scholarly support either from readings related to our class or from your own research in preparation for the exam. Authors, dates and the title of the publication may be mentioned in the body of your answer.

Keep an eye on the clock. If you are running short of time, or if you think you will run short on time, you may outline parts of your response. Answers will be considered for their completeness and their relation to the question, the support you offer, and your ability to draw professional conclusions by synthesizing personal, professional experience with academic and scholarly support.


Question 1: 

Authors Joyce, Weil, and Calhoun distinguish four distinct  educational philosophies reflected in models of teaching and learning. Your answer will concentrate on only two of the four families of philosophies, and include a representative model from each of your two choices. 

Answer all the parts:

a. Name two families of philosophies and offer brief overall definitions of those families, and 

b. Within those categorizations, choose one model that represents each of you chosen families. Offer a brief description of each chosen model, noting any strengths or potential weaknesses, and offering examples of how it might be used. 

c. When discussing, from a personal perspective, indicate how you might use, or have used the models.

Question 2. 

Again using the categorizations of four families described in by  Joyce, Weil, and Calhoun:  

a. Choose a model of teaching or learning NOT described in your text, but one you discovered on your own. ( It may be mentioned in the text, but was not described in detail): 

a. Name the model, and place it into one of the 4 families noting why it fits into that category. 

b. Briefly describe the model offering authors and/or  sources for this model.

b. Describe how you may use, or have used, it noting its strengths as if you were recommending it to peers.     


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