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Clarifying your beliefs

Looking at the chart on the flow of instructional planning, you will see why these types of exercises are important. Seeing ourselves reduced to print often helps us clarify our real beliefs. Take the following tests and create a personal profile according to what matches your professional self. Afterward reflect on the results and play with writing down some of the beliefs that emerge in several "I believe" statements.

Please note there are no correct answers to the following tests, just your answers. Both of the links are to downloadable documents.  

  • Patricia Jersin's Philosophy Test - The test is for students and you will need to log in and print the test, take it, and then see where your strongest scores fall. See if you can find some additional information online about your strongest areas of preference. This test is based on classic philosophical categories.

  • Online Philosophy Test

  • Philosophy test - Terry Armstrong, Emeritus Professor from University of Idaho, gave me permission to copy and use his test. The print version is in your course packet but here is the link to an automated version. These are based on the traditional psychological descriptions.

Can you find out any more information on your preferences?

Lesson plans links:

Explore the following lesson plan links and see if you can create a mini-unit based on some of the online resources you can find. 

Explore the Japanese concept of lesson study. 

Lesson Study - Lesson study is a Japanese educational concept whereby teachers actively observe, review, and discuss en mass the intricacies of a lesson in order to improve the instructional quality of the lesson. What do you think?

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