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Beyond Bloom - A new Version of the Cognitive Taxonomy

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Picture (12x12, 251 bytes)Backwards design-an overview

Picture (12x12, 251 bytes)Behavioral objectives

Picture (12x12, 251 bytes)Holistic objectives

Picture (12x12, 251 bytes)Non-behavioral objectives

Picture (12x12, 251 bytes)Problem solving objectives

Picture (12x12, 251 bytes)Expressive activities that lead to expressive outcomes

Picture (12x12, 251 bytes)Cognitive Objectives 

Picture (12x12, 251 bytes)Affective Objectives

Picture (12x12, 251 bytes)Psychomotor Objectives

Picture (12x12, 251 bytes)Sample lessons

Picture (12x12, 251 bytes)Samples of Problem Solving Lessons

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Picture (12x12, 251 bytes)Tech and Learning -- Give it  a minute to come up, nicely done diagrams with some great new information 

Picture (12x12, 251 bytes)More on the cognitive domain

Picture (12x12, 251 bytes)An e-book from Coe College

Picture (12x12, 251 bytes)**Wonderfully succinct and comprehensive overview of both taxonomies is provided by Mary Forehand at the University of Georgia in a Wikipedia type format, see Bloom's taxonomy

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