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My ED 381 students have generously donated sample lesson plans to be used as prototypes using 8 different curriculum models.



Understanding No Child Left Behind

The Jim Lehrer Report 

Before you view and explore the following listen to Tom Chapin's song  - It is not on the test

View replays of the Merrow Reports on NCLB so you can understand what is happening nationally. Read designated pages on NCLB and its progress reports, as well as teachers' and parents' reactions.  

Video footage  - watch the reports

  • Report 1 August 14th  What is this law doing to our schools.

  • Report 2 August 15th Examples of how parents, teachers, and administrators respond to the crisis in education. Note the change to uniforms in public schools in the sample San Diego schools. 

  • Report 3  August 16th What do award winning teachers think about NCLB? Watch this episode!

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