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**Note: These pages will be coming down soon. They have been updates, condensed and moved to  http://thesecondprinciple.com/creativity/finding-your-creative-muse/ and http://thesecondprinciple.com/creativity/finding-your-creative-muse/the-creative-muse/

Books that might help in the care and feeding of your muse:

(Some of these are recommended in the previous bibliography under general books on creativity, but many are different)

Ash. M. (1996) Shaving the inside of your skull: Crazy wisdom for discovering who you really are

Ayan, J. (1997) Aha! 10 ways to free your creative spirit and find your great ideas

Artress, L. (1996 ) Walking a scared path: rediscovering the labyrinth as a spiritual tool.
Barrow, J.D.(1995) The artful universe: the cosmic source of human creativity
Bryner, A. and Markova, D. (1996) An unused intelligence: Physical thinking for 21st century
Cameron, J. and Bryan, M. (1992) The Artist's way: A spiritual path to higher creativity ( Also on audio cassette)
Charlesworth, E.A. and Nathan, R. G. (1984) Stress management: A comprehensive guide to wellness
Cornell, J. (1990) Drawing the light from within
Csikzentmihalyi, M. (1996) Creativity: Flow and the psychology of discovery and invention
    � (1998) Finding flow: The psychology of engagement  with everyday life
    � (1991) Flow: The psychology of the optimal experience
    � (1994) The evolving self: A psychology for the third millennium.
Cumes, D. (1998) Inner passages, outer journeys: Wilderness, healing, and the discovery of self
Dennison, P.E. and Dennison, G. E. (1986) Brain gym
Ealy, C.D. (1995) - The woman's book of creativity ( Also on audio cassette)
Els, S. M. (1994) Into the deep: A writer's look at creativity
Fox, J. (1995) Finding what you didn't lose

Gach, M. R. (1990) Acupressure's Potent points: A guide to self-care a for common aliments

Garfield, P. (1995) Creative dreaming
Gelb, M.J. (1998) How to think like Leonardo da Vinci.
George, M. (1998) Learn to relax: A practical guide to easing tension and conquering stress.

Goleman, D. (1995) Emotional intelligence: Why it can matter more than IQ

Hall, D. (1995) Jump start your brain.
Hannaford, C. (1995) Smart moves: Why learning is not all in your head.
Hendricks, G. (1995) Conscious breathing: Breathwork for health, stress release, and personal mastery Gay has written or co-authored numerous other books on living, loving, and working better and on types of meditative or calming experiences. Perhaps his most famous book is The centering book.)
Hudson, J. (1996) Instant meditation for stress relief: Breathing techniques and mental exercises for an immediate sense of calm.
Johnson, R.A.(1986) Inner work: Using dreams and active imagination for personal growth
Kent, C. and Steward, J. (1992) - Learning by heart: Teachings to Free the creative spirit. *This a wonderful book but unfortunately, it's now out of print. Bookstores may be able to help you locate existing copies. Well worth the search!
Leonard, G. and Murphy, M. (1995) The life we are given: A long term program fro realizing the potential of the body, mind heart and soul ( George Leonard has also made a video in which he explains and illustrates the physical exercises entitles The Tao of practice)
Lerner, H. (1985) Stress breakers
Lloyd, C. (1997) Creating a life worth living
MacKenzie, G. (1998) Orbiting the giant hairball - MacKenzie offers priceless tips on how to maintain creativity within the overwhelming rules and regulations of governmental and corporate structures.  Personally, this is one of my favorites and I use it in my graduate creativity class. My students love it! 
Maisel, E.(1995) - Fearless creating: a step-by-step guide to starting and completing your work of art. - Some great exercises, many of which can be adapted to the classroom.
Marks-Tarlow, T. (1996) - Creativity - inside out: Learning through multiple intelligences. This book is relatively new and an outstanding collection of classroom activities!

Michalko, M. (2001) Cracking Creativity - An analysis of many famous creative thinkers.  

Nachmanovitch, S. (1990) Free play
Naparstek, B. (1994) Staying well with guided imagery: How to harness the power of your imagination for health and healing (Belleruth has number of audio tapes with recorded guided imagery experiences. Her voice is most soothing.)
Sams. J. (1998) Dancing the dream: The seven sacred paths of human transformation
Sark (1998) The bodacious book of succulence
� ---- (1997) Succulent wild women: Dancing with your wonder full self.
� ---- (1992) Inspiration sandwich: Stories to inspire creative freedom.
� ---- (1994) Living juicy: Daily morsels for your creative soul
Segal, J. (1997) Raising your emotional intelligence: A practical guide
Von Oech, R. (1986) A kick in the seat of the pants; or A whack on the side of the head
Wilson, P. (1995) Instant calm: Over 100 easy-to-use techniques for relaxing mind and body
Wilson, L. O. (1994) Every child, whole child: Classroom activities for unleashing natural abilities
Wise, A. (1997) The high performance mind
Zips, Jack (1995) Creative storytelling: Building community, changing lives


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