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I have retired from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point with exemplary service and was granted emeritus (emerita) status. However, I am still teaching 3 graduate courses for my former department online.  

Educational presentations: In addition to my online teaching I also do consulting and faculty development presentations on a wide array topics. During my academic career I did numerous presentations and training sessions across the US and in Canada to a myriad of diverse audiences and in many different venues. Please see the listings below for a partial listing of topics, or details in my online curriculum vita for credentials, titles, and venues. My expertise is best suited to consulting, talks, seminars, and large group presentations for teaching faculty, in both higher and public K-12 education. 

My presentations and expertise are also suitable for business audiences concerned with developing curriculum for advanced training, or those interested in effective educational models and methods of teaching. And I have expertise in creativity and can do presentations or consulting for those wishing to promote and foster creativity in the workplace, or interested in how best to support creativity in workers.

Also, I have done presentations for public groups wanting to learn more about current trends or challenges in education, or groups wanting to know or understand better today’s youth. My presentations on Millennials extend to conflicts in the workplace. 

Here is a partial listing of topics I can deliver or areas where I can consult. 


Target Audience(s)



Generational Issues

Public Interest Groups;


Faculty in higher ed. or K-12.

Speaking Millennial: Understanding and teaching (or working with) members of a new generation.


Faculty Development (SoTL)


Higher education faculty

How scaffolds can help support and enhance your SoTL work (Scholarship of teaching and learning) 

Speaking Millennial: Teaching newer generations of students.







Optimizing learning and creativity








Faculty Development, both higher education and K-12


Understanding learning and teaching styles 

How to make to most of learning and teaching styles 

Understanding emotional intelligence and why it is important 

Caring for the inner muse –  Exercises and discussions on discovering and maintaining creativity

Physical, emotional and psychological exercises for creative and joyful living 

How to best utilize Multiple Intelligences in the classrooms







Curriculum and Instructional Development









Faculty in higher ed. or K-12.

The Time Is Right: Letting Go of Bloom and Embracing Newer Taxonomies of Learning. 

When backwards is forward thinking: Recreating courses through a new design (Based partly on Wiggins and McTighe and their work on Understanding by Design) 

Developing and organizing cohesive and effective curriculum and instruction 

Best fit: Understanding an array of models on teaching and learning  

Reaching their hearts: Benchmarks and rites of passage as part of a holistic and effective curriculum. 

Creating deeper and broader connections: Understanding subject area integration from both instructional and human perspectives




Fostering creativity in the workplace




Understanding creativity and work environments that foster it 

What creative workers need to produce  

Using synectics, and other models suited to creative thought, to help workers think outside of the box

© Leslie Owen Wilson 2009

Contact information: To discuss topics, fees, and scheduling please e-mail me at indicating area of interest, timeframe, and with your e-mail address and contact phone number.

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