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It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness. 
Ancient Chinese Proverb


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  1. Beginning PPT

  2. The purposes of schooling - James Moffett 

  3. Things to remember

  4. What is education for? Includes orientations to learning

  5. Using your assignments

  6. Philosophy Overview

  7. Types of Learning

  8. Important aspects of Piaget

  9. What does memory look like?

  10. Archetypes

  11. Learning Modalities

  12. Review ppt from Mary Mielke

  13. Twins

  14. Personality

  15. Cognition and learning styles

  16. J and P The important things to remember

  17. What is Intelligence?

  18. MI updated

  19. Bodily-Kinesthetic -- Meeting their needs

  20. EQ Overview

  21. Brain-based education w/ cartoons some facts

  22. Brain-based education - a review

  23. Five learning Systems

  24. How to prioritize concepts

  25. Aims goals and objectives

  26. Motivation

  27. Beyond Bloom - Newer or other taxonomies

  28. Understanding by Design - the backwards design process

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