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Polymer Ambassadors

IPEC's most significant activity is the Polymer Ambassadors. The Ambassadors are a group of about twenty-five talented and dedicated classroom teachers, located coast-to-coast. After a training year, Ambassadors conduct workshops at regional and national teachers conventions, where they teach other teachers to use polymers in classroom instruction. The workshops are well attended and well received by the teachers, who, in turn, use the materials in their classes. It is estimated that IPEC has reached well over 500,000 students through face-to-face workshops. In addition, materials developed by the Ambassadors are now freely available on the www (See below.). Several Ambassadors have received major awards, including National Teacher of the Year Awards. They receive an expense allowance of $3000/year, but Ambassadors work as a labor of love.

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5 Presidential Awards for PAs!!

Polymer Ambassadors have received numerous major awards including five Presidential Awards for Excellence in Math and Science Teaching

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