Final Exam Study Guide

The ideas/themes (which have discussed in class) below are intended to help you think about the works we've read and studied this semester. Use these ideas with your notes and own ideas to think about the poems, prose, fiction, and drama we have read. Don't forget the Intro. to the Victorian Age discusses many of these ideas, along with the author bios. Also, the Queen Victoria's Empire video.  (See link on Course Notes.) This is not an all-inclusive list and does not cover every idea or work that may be on the final exam.

Focus on your notes and the texts. Write out practice responses to previous quiz questions and questions you make up. Also, review your midterm responses. Remember the quiz and midterms examples we went over in class throughout the semester. The cards/in-class group work contain your good notes. Course Notes page (website) also has info. to help you study.

Question types:

  1. Identifications: You will identify a passage (title of the piece) and explain its significance as well as its larger context within the work as a whole. (I will not give you obscure passages.)*
  2. Multiple choice or fill in the blank*
  3. Short Answer*
  4. **New: Longer essay question focusing on a single work or on comparing/contrasting works. Also, you will have some choices.

*1-3 are like quiz questions.

The final exam will focus on readings since the midterm, but there are four carry-over works you will be responsible for.  Three Carry-Over Works: In Memoriam, On Liberty, The Strange Case . . . Mr. Hyde.

Time for midterm: approx. 1 1/4 - 1/2 hrs for thinking, planning, writing, and reviewing. You will have two hours for the exam if you wish.

***Coming Soon: Terms and Themes***