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Biology 373
Comparative Vertebrate Histology
Instructor: Robert J. Schmitz
Biol. 373 Course Policies  |  Biol. 373 Topics

BIOL 373/573. Comparative Vertebrate Histology. 4 cr. Microscopic structure and function of vertebrate (primarily mammalian) cells, tissues and organs. 2 hrs lec, 4 hrs lab per wk. Prereq: 160; (281, 285, 370 or 387 are recommended but not required). (II)

What is Histology?
        Histology is the study of tissues of the body of humans and other vertebrates.  Tissues are made up of cells and the molecules secreted by cells. Different tissues are organized into organs such as bone, liver, stomach, and lungs.  In Histology, cells, tissues and organs are studied using a light microscope and an electron microscope, so discipline of histology is often called 'microscopic anatomy.  A knowlegde Histology of normal healthy tissues and organs is the foundation of Pathology, the study of diseased tissues and organs.

Biology 373 Course Objectives
        • To learn the microscopic anatomy of tissues and  organs of the human body
        • To understand the relationship between microscopic structure and function
        • To learn histological terms and concepts for the purposes of identification and precise communication
        • To develop a systematic approach to the correct identification of histological preparations

        What does Wikipedia say?
            Wikipedia Histology

        Cell Ultrastructure       
           The Cell, D.W. Fawcett; Online copy of "The Cell"
           An Atlas of Histology, J.A.G. Rhodin; Online copy of "An Atlas of Histology"

        Histology Texts and Atlases
            Netter's Essential Histology, W.K. Ovalle & P.C. Nahirney 2008
            Color Textbook of Histology, L.P. Gartner & J.L. Hiatt 3rd ed. 2007

        Internet Resouces
            Southern Illinois University School of Medicine (SIU SOM) Histology
            Loyola University Medical Education Network (LUMEN) Histology and Virtual Histology
            University of Iowa Virtual Slidebox
            University of Kansas JayDoc HistoWeb