Department of Biology





Robert J. Schmitz, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Biology

picture of Robert Schmitz

Courses taught

  • Biology 326:
  • Techniques in Biological Electron Microscopy

  • Biology 373:
  • Comparative Vertebrate Histology

  • Biology 387:
  • Human anatomy

  • Biology 399:
  • Independent Study/Research

  • Biology 487:
  • Survey of Human Dissection

  • Current Semester Course Schedules:

    Fall 2014 -- Biology 387,  Biology 487 

    Spring 2014 -- Biol 387, Biol 487

    Summer 2014 -- Biology 387  


    Requirements for Biology and Biochemistry
     Pre-Medicine  |  Pre-Physican's Assistant |  Pre-Allied Health  |  Graduate Study in Biology



    Dr. Schmitz grew up in the Fox River Valley of Wisconsin and graduated from Kimberly High School in 1971. He attended the University of Washington in Seattle and recieved a B.S. degree in Zoology in 1976. After completing his Master of Science Degree in the Anatomy Department at the University of Illinois at Chicago in 1982, Bob worked at the Field Museum of Natural History (Chicago) in the Division of Fishes for three years. In 1985, Dr. Schmitz began teaching Human Anatomy at the National College of Chiropractic. With the urging of Dr. Bob Johnson of the College of Charleston, he decided to pursue his doctoral degree at the Medical University of South Carolina in 1987 and defended his dissertation in 1993. Dr. Schmitz joined the Biology Faculty at UWSP in 1992.

    Reseach Interests

  • Structure and function of the notochord in vertebrates, particularly fishes
  • Fine structure of cartliage in bony fishes
  • Fine structure of fin rays in bony fishes
  • The role of the vertebral column in fish swimming

  • Publications

  • Schmitz, R. J., 1998; Comparative Ultrastructure of the Cellular Components of the Unconstricted Notochord in the Sturgeon and the Lungfish, J. Morphology 236:75-104.
  • Schmitz, R. J., 1998;  Immunohistochemical Identification of the Cytoskeletal Elements in the Notochord Cells of Bony Fishes, J. Morphology 236:105-116.
  • Schmitz, R.J., 1995; Ultrastructure and Function of the Cellular Components Intercentral Joint in the Percoid Vertebral Column, J. Morphology 226:1-24.